Dear Parents:

The entire staff of Kendale Elementary School has set the goal of establishing an atmosphere throughout the school in which children have a maximum opportunity to learn in a free, safe, secure, and happy environment.

In an effort to accomplish this goal, we have developed a Schoolwide Discipline Plan in conjunction with our School Performance Plan (SPEP).  The plan specifies rules that cover the behaviors we expect from our students; these will be referred to as enablers.  Enablers are expected positive behaviors that allow teaching and learning to take place.  Through the Positive People Program, classrooms that follow the enablers will be rewarded.  The opposite of enablers are distracters.  Distracters are negative behaviors that will not be tolerated because they prevent teaching and learning.  Students who behave in a distracting manner will receive negative consequences.

Schoolwide Enablers

·        Respect others and their possessions
·        Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
·        Use acceptable language
·        Follow directions
·        Listen

Schoolwide Distracters

·        Disrespecting others and their possessions
·        General disruptive conduct
·        Use of inappropriate language
·        Not listening
·        Preventing or interrupting teaching and learning

Possible Consequences

·        Verbal warning
·        A phone call or written note to parents
·        Parent conference
·        Referral to the administration and possible referral to the Discipline Review Committee


We are confident that such a clearly stated and thorough Schoolwide Discipline Plan will teach our children to be responsible for their actions and make this a school year filled with positive and motivating experiences.
We ask for your cooperation and complete support in our efforts to provide a safe atmosphere for your child to learn.  The front page with our schoolwide rules, and consequences should be posted somewhere in the home to be reviewed throughout year with your child.  Please read and discuss these enablers and distracters with your child.  Sign and return the bottom portion of this page to your child’s homeroom teacher.  Thank you for your continued cooperation!


Reginald Fox

Student Name:______________________

I have read, discussed and understand the Schoolwide Discipline Plan and Student Tardy Policy for Kendale Elementary School.
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ParentSignature                                                           Date
_______________________________                      ________________________

Student Signature/Name                                               Homeroom Teacher

I have read, discussed and understand the Kendale Elementary Parent-Student Handbook.

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Parent Signature                                                           Date
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Student Signature/Name                                               Homeroom Teacher