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My name is Anna Gonzalez and I am a kindergarten teacher here at Kendale Elementary. I began my teaching career with Miami-Dade Couty Public Schools in the year 2001. I spent my first five years at David Fairchild Elementary where I taught music to students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. After a year of maternity leave, I transferred to Kendale Elementary and taught music for 8 years . My experience teaching music has made my transition to the regular classroom very smooth. I use music regularly as a tool for teaching, managing and simple enjoyment.

I am a graduate of Lourdes Academy, which is where I discovered my passion for teaching. I received my bachelors and masters degrees in music education from Florida International University and the University of Miami, respectively. Prior to becoming a teacher in the Miami-Dade County Public School system, I taught early childhood music classes at the University of Miami. I maintain close ties to that program and continue to teach for them on an as needed basis.

I look forward to an exciting year as your child's kindergarten teacher. Please be sure to review home learning with your child and practice reading and writing the sight words daily. Make sure your child is ready for school every day with sharpened pencils and crayons. With your support I will work very hard to provide your child with the best education Miami-Dade County Public Schools has to offer.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns or if you just want to introduce yourself.

Anna Gonzales

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