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Carol Agreda-Battle


Welcome to Pre-K! Gummies for the letter Gg, shaving cream art and watching caterpillars become butterflies, isn't Pre-K fun?

Hi! My name is Carol S. Agreda- Batlle and I am the Pre-K teacher for the Reverse Mainstream Class here at Kendale Elementary. I have been teaching SPED students since 1993, but take pride in that I am always learning and applying new knowledge in my classroom. Through the High Scope and Bell programs, our class participates in developmentally appropriate activities that are interesting and child- centered. 

We start the school year by scaffolding decision-making. Throughout the year, children plan what they want to do, work to carry out their plans and then reflect on how their outcomes turned out. By the end of the year, we are amazed at the changes in initiative, self-regulation and socialization that can be seen in the students! Together with my paras, Mrs. Izzy and Mrs. Ana , we strive to make each child’s first school experiences ones that foster the love of school and more importantly the love of learning!


Carol Agreda-Battle
Carol Agreda-Battle
(305) 274-2735