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Concepcion Rodriguez

Welcome to the beginning of your child’s kindergarten academic school year at Kendale Elementary.

My name is Concepcion J. Rodriguez and I will have the honor of working with your child. I have been privilege by working with kindergarten students here at Kendale Elementary for over 15 years, and I am really glad to welcome you and your child to my classroom this year! 

This year will be a very important and challenging year for your child.  Your child will be busy getting to know the school and its routine, the teacher and classmates.  They will learn to work with groups and also learn to be independent. The children will be working on developing skills through academics, as well as through activities that develop the creativity and interest in your child.  The Kindergarten curriculum consists of Language Arts/Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies and Special Areas. This new beginning is an exciting one for your child.

Since our kindergarten program includes a variety of activities, I cannot stress enough the need for good communication between home and school for the welfare of your child.  I believe it is vital to have open lines of communication with my parents to help and support your child throughout the year. Please do not hesitate to reach me with any question you might have.

Your child will need a “Blue Folder” to be use as a communication folder. (This folder is available in the school store) This folder will be used for the Home-Learning and for any important documents or flyers sent home.  Please make sure to check it on a daily basis. 

I look forward to meeting you as well as getting to know your child.  I hope to make this academic year, an educational and fun-filled year for your child.  If you would like to meet me to discuss your child's performance or any other problems that he/she is facing in class, you can always send me a note in the “Blue Communication Folder”.

Please visit our Kindergarten sub-site for more information.


Concepcion Rodriguez

Concepcion Rodriguez
(305) 274-2735