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Hello and Welcome to my page!

I'm Mr. Hall and I'm the Art Teacher at Kendale. Art is supposed to be fun, freeing, and expressive. I hope to help students learn how to use the tools they are provided - in this case crayons, color pencils, markers, paint, and various other materials - to express their ideas and share their artistic / creative side.

In learning there are many opportunities for students to combine in-class learning with creative creation. My goal is to help students put onto paper (or whatever canvas is appropriate) those possible creations that come to mind. Along the way, students communicate with their fellow students their ideas, and in the process, develop more finished, and complete artwork.

In my teaching, I have been continually inspired by my Young Artists-in-Training and find every day a new creative adventure!

Here is a link to the list of sketchbook assignments for this school year.


Thank you,
Leland Hall
lauren vila
(305) 274-2735